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Rachel has extensive training and experience in the practice and pedagogy of healthy singing technique across a broad variety of vocal styles.  She can help you achieve your vocal goals in any genre you love, with whatever level of experience you have.

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Helping you discover and develop your unique, living instrument


"Rachel is such a good voice teacher. She's so knowledgeable and excited about the physiology of singing, warmups, repertoire, composing, pretty much anything related to the voice. I was having problems with vocal health, and she helped me through that, and as an added bonus, also really helped me find my voice and sound great."
-Christina W.

"Rachel is a truly wonderful voice teacher. I am a music teacher and musician with years of experience with different teachers, and she is undoubtedly one of the best I have worked with. I have had voice nodules for many years, and was very hesitant to go back to voice lessons, fearing that I would hurt my voice. Working with her, however, is actively IMPROVING my vocal quality, health, and technique, as well as my confidence in my voice. Rachel, unlike many other voice teachers, really understands how the voice works on a scientific level, and she came highly recommended from my voice therapist. She is sensitive to my voice injury, yet is intent on pushing and challenging me in the healthiest way possible. Rachel's knowledge, passion for her work, calm and encouraging demeanor, and positivity would make her an ideal voice teacher for any student, beginner to advanced!"
-Joanna S.

"I can't say enough good things. Rachel cares deeply about what she does, and it shines through in every minute of a lesson. She's kind, patient and encouraging, and knows just where to push to help you achieve your goal, whatever the goal is. Whether your intention is to sing at Carnegie Hall or a karaoke bar, or even just to be happier with your voice in the shower, Rachel will put in the same effort and have the same joy at your successes."
-Kevin B.


Rachel Rynick began studying music as a child at the Joy of Music Program in Worcester, MA, taking recorder lessons, piano lessons, and performing with various choruses. While earning her B.A. in Education and Music at Swarthmore College, Rachel fell in love with classical singing through her voice studies with Julian Rodescu, Debra Scurto-Davis, and Clara Rottsolk, as well as joining a pop a cappella group and continuing her piano studies. After graduating, Rachel began to pursue singing more seriously, putting on several solo recitals consisting of not only classical repertoire but also jazz, pop, and folk. 

In 2011, Rachel earned her Master of Music degree in vocal performance at the Longy School of Music, studying with renowned soprano Anna Gabrieli, and has since continued to broaden and deepen her understanding of healthy voice use and genuine musical expression across genres, studying pop and rock vocal technique with voice therapist Barbara Wilson Arboleda, jazz piano, voice and theory with Vanessa Morris, and attending trainings in Somatic Voicework (the LoVetri Method) and Estill Voice Training. Rachel has also studied the anatomy, physics, and acoustics of voice production with Dr. Ingo Titze at the National Center for Voice and Speech, as well as rock and metal vocals with Melissa Cross in New York, NY.  She is also an amateur guitar and ukulele player, and has studied drums with Mike Levesque.  Rachel is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing and the Pan American Vocology Association, and is passionate about helping people develop the healthy tools and musical awareness they need to best express the music that speaks to them.